Guidelines for Volunteering

    1. Complete a criminal history background check and submit it to the coordinator to forward to the personnel office. The results determine whether or not a person may volunteer at the school. Volunteers working at the school must also attend an orientation/training session to ensure they are familiar with the school volunteer program guidelines and feel comfortable going in to help.
    2. Be reliable and punctual if you make a commitment to help. The staff is relying on you. Please call if you are unable to volunteer.
    3. Be prepared to sign in and out at the campus office. You will find a Volunteer Sign In/Out Notebook at each campus site.
    4. Wear your HISD Volunteer ID Badge when you come to the school to volunteer. If you forget yours, the office will print you a sticker. For student safety, everyone must be identified as approved to be in the school buildings.
    5. Be discreet and confidential with student/staff information. Talk with school personnel if you have questions or concerns.
    6. Work under the direction and supervision of the school staff.
    7. Refer all disciplinary problems you may encounter to a staff member immediately.
    8. Follow the school dress code.
    9. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your volunteer assignment and to whom you should report. Don't hesitate to ask questions to gain clarification.
    10. Know and follow all school regulations.