Hallsville Athletics

  • Ingredients for a successful “total” athletic program and what our coaching staff expects from you. BUILDING AN ATHLETE FIRST!!!

    1. Unity- Oneness, Athletes run with athletes.

    2. Commitment - Big Team, little me, Nothing or No One is more important then the team.

    3. Class- Quality of behavior on the field and in the classroom.

    4. Character- Wisdom to know what is right and the courage to do it.

    5. Dedication- Giving of yourself to your team in athletics and in the classroom.

    6. Discipline- Training of the mind or character, Both on the field & classroom.

    7. Total Off-Season Program- Stronger, Faster, Develop Mental Toughness & Heart

    8. Be a Role Model at all times. Younger kids are watching you.

    9. Never give up (PLAY TO WIN) no matter what the situation “ I WILL NEVER GIVE UP “

    10. Learn the schizophrenic nature of sports. Between the white lines, we expect the most intense, physically aggressive people on the playing surface. Outside the white lines we perfect young adults.

    11.Practice to win. Ask yourself everyday if YOU got better. Always have the attitude that you are going to do whatever it takes to make yourself better each day.

    12.Have fun!!! Thank God each day that he gave you the ability, opportunity and desire to be in athletics. Not everyone has this opportunity or desire to do what you do.

    13. Be COACHABLE! Know that this goes a long way with team success. Believe in your coaches, because they will believe in you and will look forward to working with you each day. They are going to prepare themselves every day so that they can prepare you.

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