Network Tools

  • Hallsville ISD Technology HTML5 Speedtest (DMZ)
    This is an responsive and mobile friendly XHR-based HTML5 Speedtest. It can measure download speed, upload speed, ping and jitter of your connection. The testing server is hosted on a 1GB up / 1GB down connection at the HISD NOC in Hallsville, Texas USA.

    Hallsville ISD Technology Department - Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT)
    The Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) provides a sophisticated speed and diagnostic test. An NDT test reports more than just the upload and download speeds — it also attempts to determine what, if any, problems limited these speeds, differentiating between computer configuration and network infrastructure problems. While the diagnostic messages are most useful for expert users, they can also help novice users by allowing them to provide detailed trouble reports to their network administrator.


  • Mark Page
    Phone: 903-668-5990 ext. 5702