Transition and Employment Services Designee (TED) & Legal Framework

  • TEC §29.0112(e) A school district shall:

    1. post the transition and employment guide on the district's website if the district maintains a website;
    2. provide written information and, if necessary, assistance to a student or parent regarding how to access the electronic version of the guide at:
      1. the first meeting of the student's admission, review, and dismissal committee at which transition is discussed; and
      2. the first committee meeting at which transition is discussed that occurs after the date on which the guide is updated; and
    3. on request, provide a printed copy of the guide to a student or parent.


     Texas Transition & Employment Guide:

     The Legal Framework:

    Transition/Employment Services Designee:
    Chris Deason
    Title/Position: Special Ed teacher/Transition Specialist
    PO Box 810
    Hallsville, TX 75650
    Phone: (903) 668-5990
    Fax: (903) 668-5991