Google Folders Example

  • How to setup a Google Drive folder share

    Using a shared Google Drive folder with the HISD Web site is a simple and easily maintainable way to share content with staff, parents, and the community. Additionally, our Google Apps instance automatically handles and displays compatible files types (images, video, spreadsheets, etc.) directly in the user's browser -- no download needed.

    On the Google Drive Side:

    1. Create a folder anywhere in Google Drive
    2. Right-click the folder and select "Get shareable link"
    3. Click the "Link sharing off" switch (it will turn green)
    4. Click the URL -- it will look something like:
      (it will be automatically copied to your clipboard)

    Note: Any file placed in this folder will be shared to the entire world!

     On the BlackBoard WCM Side: 

    1. Create a new blank page, or select an existing page
    2. Click the "Manage Apps & Layout" link
    3. Click the "Add App" button
    4. From the list on the left, select the "Google Folder" app and click "Create New"
    5. Give your app a name, something descriptive but not too long, then click "Create"
    6. Back at the main page, click the blue "I'm Done" button
    7. Click on your new app (the gray bar)
    8. In the "Google Drive Shareable Link", paste the contents of your clipboard from "On the Google Drive Side: Step 4"
    9. Select a grid or list view type. If you're going to have a lot of file here, you'll want to choose "List".
    10. Click the "Save" button
    11. Badda-bing, badda-boom, Bob's your uncle, you just created a Google Drive folder app like the one below.

    I cannot stress enough that the files placed in this folder will be publicly available to anyone and everyone! Use good judgment when placing documents (especially images) in these folders!

My Google Folder