HISD Seal 2017

  • This is the official source for the 2017 version of the Hallsville ISD seal. It displaces all versions released prior to Jan 2017. The listing below contains a variety of bitmap sizes from ICO to 128px (suitable for application icons) all the way up to 1750px. For most printing and embroidery applications, please use either the SVG or AI format.

    Guidelines for usage:

    • The seal should never be displayed larger than the designated size. In other words, do not use the 250px version to fill a 400px space. Always use a slightly larger size than your application requires.

    • The seal should always be displayed with equal height and width; do not skew or distort the placed image either before or after placement.

    • A color specification chart is included in the image listing below. Please refer to this chart when selecting complimentary colors or when specifying colors to vendors.