• Welcome to the Hallsville ISD Purchasing Department

    For EDGAR Manual and related documents see document section below.

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    In order to do business with Hallsville ISD, a Vendor Packet will need to be completed.

    The Vendor Packet includes (documents found below):

    • A vendor application
    • Completing a W-9 (filled out completely and properly)
    • Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
    • Felony Conviction Form and Criminal History Verification (if applicable)
    • Certificate of Insurance (with HISD as additional insured, if applicable)

    Please send the completed vendor packet to your contact in the district or Kathy Bradford at kbradford@hisd.com. 


    Purchases from vendors that operate on a cash basis (do not accept purchase orders) will not be allowed.  To comply with purchasing laws, HISD uses several cooperative and Interlocal agreements as allowed under the law.  Region VII Purchasing Cooperative is available for most purchases; however, the district participates in several cooperative purchasing programs (see below). The vendor list is continuously updated as new bids are awarded.   All purchases must use awarded vendors in compliance with both state and federal purchasing statutes, particularly EDGAR.  Some exceptions can be made for purchases using local funds for Best Value, Sole Source and other exceptions.

    Education Service Center Region VII Purchasing Cooperative (ESC REG 7)
    (903) 988-6859

    Region 7 Purchasing and Vendor Services

    EPIC 6 Purchasing Co-op

    TIPS ESC Region 8 Purchasing

    Allied States Co-op (Region 19)

    Choice Partners Purchasing Co-op

    BuyBoard (TASB)


    OMNIA Purchasing (Formerly National IPA and US Communities

    PACE Purchasing Cooperative

    TX Smart Buy-Vendor Search

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