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    The officers of the Hallsville ISD Police Department welcome you to Hallsville ISD. We hope that this brief overview of who we are will be informative and help you to know us better. We look forward to serving you and your family.

    HISD PD is a fully certified police department under the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). While the Department exercises all of the authority and power of all other Texas police agencies, our mission places student success at the forefront of our efforts. Officers are uniquely suited to policing in the educational environment and are continuously searching out ways to serve our students and district better. Each officer brings his accumulated talents, experiences, skills, and interests to their assigned campus and works to create a unique relationship with their student body, modeling honor, courage, pride, and fairness as we seek to mentor our students daily.

    We encourage you to get to know your HISD Police Officers personally and look forward to an opportunity to meet the students and parents of the Hallsville School District.

    The following section establishes the mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, oath, and ethics of the Hallsville ISD Police Department. Each of these components is reviewed on an annual basis in order to ensure it adequately addresses the emerging needs of the department, the school district, and the residents of the Hallsville ISD community. 


    The mission of the Hallsville ISD Police Department is to ensure the safety of our district’s students, families, and staff. In order to learn, students need a safe environment where they can concentrate on their studies. Teachers and staff need a secure environment in order to teach. Providing that type of environment is just one of our many responsibilities.

    The Hallsville Independent School District Police Department works in partnership with students, parents, and staff to meet their needs. We preserve the peace, enforce laws, identify and apprehend offenders, provide emergency services, and offer crime prevention and public safety throughout our school community. Our most important goal is to promote, maintain, and inspire an atmosphere of trust and confidence with students, families, and staff in our community.


    We are committed to excellence in leadership, providing progressive and proactive services, developing district and community partnerships, and building for a better future.


    We, the members of the Hallsville ISD Police Department, value the following in our members and our organization:

    • Honesty
    • Professionalism
    • Integrity
    • Compassion
    • Cultural Diversity

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  • Chris Miller

    Chris Miller
    Phone: 903-668-5990 ext. 2110

    Chris Miller is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 20 years of service. Chief Miller spent the first half of his career working in the Patrol Divisions of Titus and Franklin counties. During this time, Chief Miller spent eight years on the tactical team and reached the rank of Patrol Lieutenant. Chief Miller spent the second half of his career in the Investigations Division, investigating major crimes. Before securing his retirement, he transferred to the Gregg County District Attorney's Office. After leaving the DA’s Office in February of 2019, he took a position with HISD as a school resource officer. Chief Miller holds a Master Peace Officers License from the State of Texas. Chief Miller received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 1996 and a second degree in Criminal Justice in 1998.