Safety Rules for Children/Parents


    • Remember - strangers are people that you do not know.
    • Never talk to strangers
    • Never accept candy or gifts from a stranger
    • Never let a stranger get too close, whether he or she is in a car, walking or standing
    • Always avoid strangers who are hanging around restrooms or the playground that may want to play with you or your friends
    • Never go anywhere whith a stranger no matter what story he or she tells you. Ignore stories like "please help me find my lost puppy" or "your mother sent me to get you."
    • Never get near or into a stranger's car
    • Take the safest routes to and from school, stores and friend's houses
    • Never tell a stranger your name, address or telephone number
    • Never go to deserted places like deserted buildings, vacant lots, alleys, empty playgrounds and construction sites alone
    • Walk with friends or family. It is safer and more fun
    • If a stranger in a car bothers you, turn and run in the opposite direction; it is not easy for a car to change directions suddenly
    • If a stranger grabs you, yell as loud as you can for help
    • Always stay in sight and hearing distance of a supervising adult
    • If lost in a store or mall, go to ta store clerk, security guard or police officer for help
    • Never allow anyone into the home without your parents permission, always use locks and alarms
    • Never let a caller at the door or on the telephone know that you are alone
    • Check in with a parent or trusted neighbor immediately after arriving home
    • Walk confidently. Be alert
    • Never allow anyone to touch you in a way that you feel uncomfertable. Always tell your parents or someone you trust. Never keep secrets. You have the right to say "NO"


    • Your child should know their full name, address, home telephone number and at least one emergency number such as your cell phone or work phone
    • Plan with your child safe routes to and from places you allow them to go
    • Plan for safe places for your child to go in the event of an emergency at home
    • Keep current pictures, vital statics, fingerprints and DNA
    • Avoid putting your child's name on an article of clothing, bags, or backpacks where it can be easily read


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