Standard Response Protocol (SRP)




    The Hallsville ISD Police Department understands that if an emergency occurs at one of our campuses or office buildings, there usually is not much time to warn students, employees, and guests about what is happening or what to do. That is why the Hallsville Independent School District has implemented the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) at all of its facilities and campuses. District staff and administrators are all being trained in the SRP, as will students through frequent drills.

    The SRP is not based on individual scenarios, but rather on the response to any given scenario. One large benefit of SRP is the standard language used by all responders; this includes students, parents, staff, and first responders. The protocol also allows for a predictable series of actions as an event unfolds. The SRP is based upon four actions: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter. Each has specific staff and student directives that are unique to the action.

    • Lockout is followed by the directive: "Secure the Perimeter,” and occurs when a threat or hazard is outside of the school building. Students will remain or return inside the building. Staff will help recover students and colleagues outside the building, take roll, and increase their situational awareness.
    • Lockdown is followed by "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight" and occurs when a threat or hazard is inside the building. Students will stay quiet and out of sight. Staff will lock the classroom door, turn off lights, maintain silence and obscured visibility, take roll, and wait for first responders to open the door.
    • Evacuate is always followed by a location, and occurs when students and staff must move to another location. Students will leave all but cell phones behind, form a single-file line, show hands, and be prepared for changes. Staff will lead students to the evacuation location and take roll, if possible.
    • Shelter is always followed by a type and a method, and occurs when the need for personal protection is necessary, such as during a tornado or biohazard situation. Students and staff will employ appropriate safety strategies. Teachers will also take roll to account for students.

    We as a district believe this newly introduced protocol will help provide a safe learning and working environment for all students and staff.



    The Standard Response Protocol was developed by the "I Love U Guys" Foundation, headed by John-Michael Keyes and his wife Ellen-Stoddard Keyes as a result of the tragic and unfortunate death of their daughter Emily Keyes on September 27th, 2006 at Platte Canyon High School. On this day, a gunman entered the high school, held seven girls hostage and ultimately shot and killed Emily Keyes. During the time she was held Hostage, she sent her parents text messages..."I Love You Guys" and "I Love U Guys, K?" The "I Love U Guys" Foundation was created to restore and protect the joy of youth through educational programs and positive actions in collaboration with families, schools, communities, organizations and government agencies.

    If you would like to know more about the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) or the "I Love U Guys" Foundation please visit: or check the files below.


    K-12 Student/Parent Handout-English

    K-12 Student/Parent Handout-Spanish


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