Benefits To The Community

  • The most precious commodity we, as a community, have is our children. The HISD Police Department was created as a response to the reality that more and more of our children have become victims of crimes. Whether major problems or much more common minor ones, HISD PD serves to educate our young people on how to avoid becoming a victim as well as how to get help in the event that they become one.

    If an offense occurs within the jurisdiction of the HISD PD, the Campus Police Officer is available to respond quickly to the scene and do a thorough investigation. This alleviates the need for reporting to the City of Hallsville Police Department, allowing them to remain on patrol or be available for emergency calls. .

    Other benefits include:

    • Uniformed Police officers on each campus provide a deterrent to crime,
    • Experienced police officers are an invaluable resource for campus administrators as they often times rely on officers for expertise in criminal matters and emergency response situations,
    • The risk of campus violence and the liabilities that go with it is reduced,
    • Police Officers trained in prevention, intervention, and education methods reduce the need for other security personnel,
    • The coordinated efforts of district administrators and police professionals have proven to be a most successful and beneficial alliance in achieving the overall goal of providing the students, faculty, and staff with an educational environment that is conducive to quality education.

    Law enforcement in the educational environment is no longer an idea not tested. Those progressive school districts that have taken the first steps in providing police services within their community readily attest to the success of their police departments. These districts have sent a message to those who would disrupt the educational environment through criminal activity by showing that such activities will not be tolerated.

    The successful incorporation of law enforcement personnel into the educational community by uniting educators and police officers has added a new dimension to the educational community. It is this new dimension that allows us to achieve the overall objective of providing quality education in a safe and wholesome environment free from fear, crime, and disruption.