• 8th Grade Math

    Mrs. Cook  8th Grade Math / 8th Grade Advanced Math

    E-mail:  rcook@hisd.com       Phone: 903-668-5990   (x2154)       Conference: 4th period (10:50-11:35)         


    DAILY:  (40% of nine week’s grade)


    Daily grades may be taken from classwork, quizzes, or projects. Once the grade is recorded, time is spent going over any questions anyone has on the assignment.  Homework is practice over previously learned skills.  Practice is needed to be successful in math. The HJH homework tracking card will be used for incomplete homework assignments. Parents will be contacted at the specified time as the card dictates. Quizzes will be given periodically over previously taught and practiced material to solidify understanding.


    TESTS:  (60% of nine week’s grade)

    Test grades may be taken from: quizzes, formative assessments, or projects. Students may attend tutorials and take 1 retest per 9 week grading period, except for Benchmarks. Students are responsible for scheduling tutorials and retest times.  Tutorial passes must be marked and approved by a teacher in their planner prior to attending (used as a morning hall pass).  Benchmark assessments will be given in December and another in February.. These Benchmarks are used for data purposes and determine tutorial placement and to guide instruction.  



    Tutorials are available Tuesday - Thursday before school from 7:15.  Student must have pre-approved tutorial pass signed in planner before they can attend or will not be allowed in the hallway before 7:45.  In-school tutorials are scheduled during homeroom time based on need. Tutorials are also offered after school by appointment only, arranged between parent and teacher.

    Homework tutorials are available without a scheduled time in planner at 7:15 every morning in the GCS lab (room 201).

    Lunch tutorials can be scheduled each week with the teacher.

    Each class will be set up on KHAN ACADEMY for use by the students.   If students work on the website, a report will be sent to the teacher each Monday on their participation and level of work.   This work is considered EXTRA CREDIT as it will be going above and beyond the everyday learning at school.   This is a great resource of help and review for students.



    You may email your student’s teacher if you have questions about any work.. Also, students may use the resources found on their math teacher webpages, use this link https://www3.hisd.com/Page/558 or use the attached QR codes for additional support.



    All students should have a 3 ring binder Class Notebook for math notes and examples. Students are required to maintain this notebook throughout the year and will be graded as such.  Students may use this notebook as a guide for homework help. I do not always use a textbook in math class, so these notes are their resources.




    Your student will have access to a TI-84Plus calculator while in my classroom. The calculator will be assigned to your student all year, and he/she is responsible for careful handling of this calculator. A calculator may be used at home on assignments, and purchasing this calculator for your students' home use will be helpful in HS and college. Any type calculator may be used at home, but in class and on the STAAR test all students will use the TI84-Plus.




    As a parent you have two ways of monitoring your child's math progress (grades / assignments):

    • A way to check that your child is doing their assignments is to daily check their planner. They should be writing their math homework down on the appropriate date. You can also check the tracking card. I sign their card if they DON'T have their assignment the day it is due.
    • To check on their grades: you can go to the Skyward login you used to register your student. My goal is to assure your student a full year’s growth (or more!) in math and to prepare them for algebra and beyond.  





    Google classroom has been created for students who miss any classroom instruction time.  All notes will be uploaded and will be the students responsibility to copy any information they may have missed into their Math Notebook.  The library is open to students in the morning and other times during the day for any student who does not have access at home.  Students and/or parents can join the HJH 8th Grade Math Google Classroom using class code: p3esea




    Final late work procedure is pending approval.




    I believe parent communication is very important for your child to perform to the best of their ability; therefore, I will be sending emails periodically (mostly weekly) with “Cooks Messages” so parents are aware of what is happening in class.  Because most of my time is spent with students, my primary source of communication is email which may not be seen until the end of the day.  I will do my best to respond to any parent concerns as quickly as possible.  Your students Math Notebook is going to be the window to what we are learning in class.  I have also attached some helpful links on skills that we will be targeting this year.


    Remind 101 is also set up for the students and/or parents:

                On Level (5th, 7th & 8th)                                                        Advanced (1st and 3rd)

                Enter Number: 81010                                                              Enter Number: 81010

                Text: @cook8thm                                                                     Text: @cookad






    Our goal is to grow each student to their full potential in whichever class they have selected; however, more will be expected from those choosing the Advanced route.

    ➧ Note-taking is more extensive.  

    ➧The rigor, including both assignments and assessments is greater.

    ➧Performance Tasks/Unit Projects are required.





    I have read and understand the expectations for my Math class with Mrs. Cook.   I will sign below as an acknowledgement of this information and will keep this in my math notebook throughout the year.  

    My parents will also sign that they have read and agree also.


    Student signature: _____________________________________________  Date: _________________


    Parent signature: ______________________________________________  Date: _________________









    Topic/Skill Tested


    QR Code

    8.2A: Describe relationships between sets of real numbers



    8.2D: Order a set of real numbers



    8.3A: Ratios of corresponding sides are proportional



    8.3B: Attributes of dilations



    8.3C: Algebraic Reps of dilations



    8.6C: Model Pythagorean Theorem



    8.7C:  Problem Solving with Pythag. Th. & its Converse



    8.7D: P.T. On Coordinate Plane



    8.8A: Write Equations/Inequalities



    8.8B: Matching Equations/Inequalities

    8.8C: Model equation with variable on both sides



    8.8D: Transversals & Angles



    8.10A: Generalize properties of orientation & Congruence

    Transformation that don’t change size or shape are translations, reflections and rotations.

    8.10B: Differentiate Orientation & Congruence

    Orientation refers to the clockwise or counterclockwise arrangements of the labeled vertices. The only transformation that change orientation is reflection.

    8:10C: Effects of transformations



    8.10D: Proportional Changes



    8.12D: Calculate simple and compound interest

    Reach each problem carefully and choose the correct formula.

    Simple interest (I = Prt)

     Compound Interest A = P(1 + r)t  


    This quicklink tool is also located in the HJH 8th Grade Math Google Classroom.  You may join that class by entering class code: p3esea