• UIL Academics is very similar to any UIL sports competition, except that the participants use pens, pencils, calculators and paper instead of balls, nets, helmets, and such.  It is an excellent way to encourage students to enrich their education and expand their knowledge.  Students gain leadership and citizenship skills through inter-school competitions, which help prepare them for a more useful, wholesome, and productive life.  Students also learn about teamwork.  Participation teaches students that it is an honor and privilege to represent their school.  They also learn to win and lose and to take as well as to give.  Self-motivation and intellectual curiosity are essential to the best academic participants.  Oh yeah… and it’s fun too!

    Students are able to choose from among 18 different events at the Junior High level, so there’s likely something to interest most everyone.  These events are: 

    • Art
    • Calculator Applications
    • Chess Puzzle
    • Dictionary Skills
    • Editorial Writing
    • Impromptu Speaking
    • Listening
    • Maps, Graphs, & Charts
    • Mathematics
    • Modern Oratory
    • Music Memory
    • Number Sense
    • One-Act Play
    • Oral Reading
    • Ready Writing
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Spelling


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