• Honors Spanish I is a high school credit class that is available to 8th graders who meet the prerequisites in 7th grade. Students will be expected to complete a summer work in google classroom for this class. This class will cover all the basic vocabulary and grammar covered in Spanish I. Most work will be done in class, but work not finished in class is assigned as homework. Projects will be assigned throughout the year. Studying outside of class is also encouraged. There will be an online quizlet and quizizz for each unit to help students learn the vocabulary. To find the vocabulary on quizlet, search MAYES HJH UNIT.

    Supplies: Students will be given a notebook at the beginning of the year with all the notes needed for the class. Notebooks should be kept in backpacks, but students need to be sure to bring their notebook to class every day.  Students should also bring paper and something to write with each day.

    Online Textbook

    Students can access our textbook, Auténtico, online by going to textbooks.hisd.com

    Click on Go to Pearson in the bottom of the Pearson box

    Login by using your school email and password 

    Only student currently enrolled in the class will have access to the textbook.